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The 21 Day Financial Fast & Posting January 26, 2010

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My favorite $ journalist, Michelle Singletary, wrote a few weeks ago in the paper about doing a 21 day fast from spending. See if you can go 21 days without using your credit card. Now of course, you HAVE to buy food and pay bills. Those things don’t necessarily, but don’t buy the extras. No restaurant food, take a break from window shopping, etc…

If and when you go back to using a credit card, remember for most people it’s much easier to spend more on the credit card because of the buy now and pay later aspect. It doesn’t hurt now. When you have to pay cash for things, it tends to be much harder to do, and the tendency is to spend less. Try it. We now buy all of our groceries with cash, no debit or credit.

Also, I haven’t posted any weekly grocery deals since November. I told myself I’d do it for a year. I hope that helped some of you learn what good prices are for certain groceries. I still want to help people save $, so I’ve basically been cutting and pasting good deals when I see them.

Some day my blog my change, and I may post grocery deals again and add different components. I actually thought of changing my blog name from Money-Saving Marysville Mom to Money-Saving Moving Marysville Mom and incorporating a fitness aspect to it because I know it’s important to be a good steward of EVERYTHING the Lord has given including our bodies, $, time, etc… Well see…


Coupon Web-sites December 15, 2009

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In the Everett Herald on Monday 12/14, they published a few web-sites to get more coupons:

And I am adding one:

I can’t vouch for the web-sites except the last one.


FM Newspaper Coupon & Tax Day Freebie April 15, 2009

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Fred Meyer has a spread in the Ev. Herald today on E3 with a store coupon for one gallon of Mountain Dairy Gallon Milk for .99 limit 3!!!

I read about this from the East coast and just called the Taco DelMar near the MSVL Wal-Mart.  Free on Tax Day, today only, is a taco.  The gentleman I talked to said you don’t need a coupon.


FM Deals 3/15-21, Al. Double Coupons, and More March 16, 2009

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Fred Meyer:

  • 1/2 gallon milk/OJ .99 w/store coupon
  • 2 lb. bag of mini carrots $1.68!!!
  • 64 oz. Tree Top Juice/Blends 3/$5 w/store coupon
  • Grapes .98 lb.
  • B.O.G.O. Free 18 count eggs w/store coupon
  • FM Deli Meat $2.50 w/store coupon
  • Ricola $1

Albertson’s: Yesterday in Sunday’s Everett Herald A9, were 3 coupons to double manufacturer’s coupons good until Tues. 3/17!!!


  • 1 lb. Diamond Walnuts. $2.99!!!!! Limit 4

IKEA: Free Breakfast Friday, March. 20-Sunday, March 22 from 9-10am. Limit one per customer. Offer valid for one small breakfast and one cup of coffee.


How to Truly Save $ & Some Deals January 13, 2009

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I like to skim the newspaper (although now the ink smell is quite strong to me now). Michelle Singletary writes a money column, and she said something once a few years ago that stuck in my head. If you truly want to save money, don’t spend money. It sounds simple enough, but obviously in our society we have to buy some things even if we are buying ingredients to make food from scratch or material to make our own clothes. Michelle’s big thing is when people say, “I bought this sweater for $10 and saved $40, because it normally cost $50”. She would argue, you didn’t save any $ because you spent $10. Of course, the person saved $40 off the normal price.

Some times we think we have to buy more than we actually NEED. Need is an interesting concept. We don’t need a lot that we don’t already have: (those who are Christians have) salvation, love, food, water, shelter… Think before you buy. If you are trying to save $, ask yourself, ‘do I REALLY NEED that new purse or shirt?’ I guess my biggest encouragement for those who truly want to save $ is to avoid temptation. Don’t go to Target or Wal-Mart and just walk around. Go with a specific list and get those specific things. It’s way to easy to fill the cart with way more than we actually need.

Vinaccio’s Coffee: For the remaining 2 Mondays in January, Vinaccio’s Coffee is running a special. You can buy a 100.00 gift card for 50.00! Talk about a great deal! Thanks Terri L. for the tip.
Kmart: They are doubling manufacture coupons again, but this week it’s up to $2, so .50 becomes $1, and $1 becomes $2, and $1.50 becomes $2. I went today (I missed last weeks, and now I am really glad) and the total came to $42 with sales (so I know it was more), and I paid $21. I was really happy with a lot of the deals.

Fred Meyer:
  • Large Fuji Apples .68/lb.
  • Large Naval Oranges .68/lb.
  • Mt. Dairy gallon milk $2
  • FM tomatoes/beans 5/$2. Make a veggie chili for the fam for under $2!
  • Suave shampoo/conditioner .88 (man. coupon in Sunday’s paper-can’t remember how much, but can get 2 for like .75)-don’t like the brand, give to flood victims
  • FM Sour cream 16 oz. .99
  • FM 64 oz. juice $2
  • Halls Cough Drop $1 (.50 man. coupon in Sun. paper, makes it .50)
  • MD bath tissue/Sparkle towels $4.99

Free Potty Training Success DVD: while supplies last


Butter December 5, 2008

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Fred Meyer has a spread in the Everett Herald on A5 with a FM butter store coupon 3/$5 12/5-12/7.


Subscribing to the Herald TODAY November 28, 2008

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Today only the Everett Herald Advertised a one day new subscribers special, 75% SALE: $9.94 for 3 months.  Call 425-339-3200 until 5pm…

Black Friday @ Walmart @ 5am @ the MSVL store was a NIGHTMARE…@ least in the Electronics Dept…wall to wall people.  After I wrote the post last night I thought there are a few warnings I should give you if this is your first time going out for Black Friday, but this will be for next year now.

  • If you can avoid it at all, don’t get a shopping cart.  You will be able to maneuver through the store MUCH better.
  • In a big store try going through a non-traditional line like electronics or jewelry.
  • Plot out a strategic course if you have many places to go.   Determine the most important thing for you to buy, and go for it.
  • Bring snacks for yourself.
  • The biggest thing is to come with much PATIENCE.

Gift Cards: Michelle Singletary had an article in the Thanksgiving Day Edition of the Herald about buying things at struggling retailers.  According to Singletary, “by the end of the year, an estimated 6,500 retail stores nationwide will be closed”.  When you get a gift card from a store that may be going into bankruptcy you may not be able to cash it in.  If it was purchased with a credit card, you’ll have a better chance of redemption.  The biggest thing is to try to use it right away.