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Birthday Freebies May 5, 2009

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From R. James…Everyone likes something for free…

Free Stuff For Birthdays: You wouldn’t believe what companies will give you on
your birthday. All you need do is click on the Adults or Kids button. Then, select your
state. Narrow down offers by selecting a business category like restaurant or
entertainment.You’ll see a list of birthday offers. There are also details on how to
redeem a particular offer. They make growing older easier!
Thanks R. J.

Freebies, and the Like January 21, 2009

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Let's get to work together.
What if you gave 5 hours to help your community? What if we all did? That small commitment could add up to something big.
Starting January 21, pledge 5 hours of volunteer time and we'll salute you with a free Tall brewed cup of coffee at your neighborhood Starbucks. (See the full details below)

Orange Julius: Here’s the Orange Julius club which gives you a drink on your b-day and other special offers: OJCLUB

Hansen’s Drink: Go here to sign up to receive a free coupon for Hansen’s Organic Jr. Water: drinkjuniorjuice

It did take me a few tries for some reason, but I got it to work.

Quaker Snacks: Go here to sign up to receive a sample of Quaker Mini Delights or Rice Cake Snacks: startsampling


Birthday Clubs January 6, 2009

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With my husband’s birthday yesterday and my daughter’s birthday next Monday, I thought I’d check for different birthday clubs.

Here are a few:

Baskin Robins:

Cold Stone Creamery:

Chicken of the Sea: (I wouldn’t have thought a tuna fish company would have a birthday club.)

Denny’s: This one is for your kids 10 and under. The Denny’s in Arlington will still give you a meal on your birthday if you show them your driver’s license.

Red Robin:

Taco Time: This one is for your kids 12 and under. The site is temporarily down.

Red Lobster:

Krispy Kreme:

Hollywood Video: (Make sure your birthday is in their computer)

Toys r Us:

Buzz Inn Espresso in Marysville gives you a free drink on your birthday if you show them your Driver’s License.

Let me know of any other great birthday clubs or birthday deals.