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Steel Cut Oats July 15, 2011

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Steel Cut Oats Recipe (Dedicated to Jolie)

2 cups Steel cut oats

8 cups of water (I use 7 cups, because I like to add milk later when it’s all cooked)

The rest is optional: cinnamon, flax seed, wheat germ, wheat bran, oat bran


Grease a slow cooker.  Put 2 cups of steel cut oats with the water overnight on warm.  I tried to cook on “low” for a many months, and the oats stick to the slow cooker more if it’s on “low”.   “Warm” cooks the oats, I was shocked when the oats were actually cooked and had minimal sticking.


We add almonds, walnuts, cranberries, blueberries, bananas, honey, brown sugar, agave syrup in any combination.


So basic recipe is 1 part oats, 4 parts water.


We may resurrect the blog soon, BTW.  We’ll have a new URL that I’ll link.


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