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Thinking Ahead… September 13, 2010

Filed under: Shopping Philosophy,Stewardship,Stretching the Dollar — swingingsarr @ 9:53 pm

As I go through life, the more I think about “getting through” and making it, I see the great need to think ahead.  I talk about thinking ahead when I am teaching piano-“always look ahead a couple of beats”, or “is this a busy week, I’ll have to squeeze my practicing in before we go on our extra long weekend”, etc…  I have to think ahead when I take my kids out: “do I have snacks? Are we going to run into a nap time? Do I have the money I need?”, etc…  The more we think ahead, the less we’ll spend.  We’ll know better how to respond in different situations.  If I think ahead, I’ll plan the meal for the day, may be before I leave in the morning. If I’ll be out or busy, and then I may put a chicken in the crock pot, make lunches, etc…

Who said this, I don’t know?  Fail to plan, and  you plan to fail.


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