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$-Saving Friend & Blog April 14, 2010

Filed under: Stretching the Dollar — swingingsarr @ 8:57 pm

So, I have in the recent past met with my friend Dawn B.  I love learn about saving $ from others, and she is one from whom to learn.  She is AMAZING with using coupons and saving $.  She shared many web-sites/blogs with me, and this is my favorite $-saving blog:

What I love about this blog is the ladies give scenarios for saving money when there are different “Catalina” deals, basically when you get those annoying coupons for discount oil changes when you get your receipt at the check out.  Well, sometimes they spit out coupons for straight $ off your next purchase if you buy the “right” stuff. They also pair coupons up with the sales, and they even include Fred Meyer.  Anyway, I’ve now started following the “Krazy Coupon Lady”.  I feel like a novice saving-$ when I hear about all these people and what they are doing.

I’ve also been excited these days with some different people that I’ve talked to about saving $, and how they are getting into it and how “addicting” it can be.  It can be really fun.  It takes a little time, but it’s worth it-I think.  Here it is Wed. night and I haven’t even looked at this week’s new ads or organized my coupons since being on a trip at the end of March.  I better get on it…


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