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Shopping and Saving Philosophy March 9, 2010

Filed under: Shopping Philosophy,Stretching the Dollar — swingingsarr @ 11:19 pm

This excerpt came from an e-mail response I wrote to a friend today who was inquiring about saving money grocery shopping:

I stock and save.  I try not to put myself in a position that I need something right away (except for perishables).  As soon as I  start using the last of something, I make sure I am on the look out for the product at a good price.  And really, I try not to even get to that point.

Think ahead (I say this is the life of a mom).  What are you having for dinner?  Can you make 2 and freeze one?  Can you prepare it the night before, so there is no temptation to eat out?

I see what’s on sale in the ads this week and see if I can use them.  For instance, when I see a whole chicken on sale, I’ll crock pot it, and use that for one meal w/potatoes, and other veggies.  Then I shred the chicken and use it for something else the next day, chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, the ideas are endless…


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