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8 Reasons Why Healthy Food is NOT More Expensive February 25, 2010

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This is written by Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer-I probably wouldn’t have written it this way, but you’ll get the point.

**8 Reasons Why Healthy Food is NOT More Expensive

This is probably the biggest excuse I hear from people as to why they don’t eat healthy… most people have a false impression that healthy food too expensive.  But I’ll show you just why this is absolutely ridiculous.

Generally, people complain that prices are too high for foods such as:

*organic free-range eggs vs standard supermarket eggs
*healthy grass-fed meats instead of standard unhealthy grain-fed meats
*organic produce vs conventional produce (there are some times when this doesn’t matter, which I’ll talk about in an upcoming newsletter)
*cooking natural unprocessed meals vs fast food meals

Here are some things to consider:

1. People complain about the price of organic free range eggs that are $3.50 per dozen.  However, those same people will buy a $2.00 soda EVERY DAY of the week, which is nothing but chemicals and high fructose corn syrup.

The dozen eggs will give you several days worth of all of the B vitamins, selenium, phosphorus, and dozens of other vitmins and minerals that you need. The dozen eggs will also give you approximately 80-90 gms of some of the most bio-available protein available. Plus there’s the healthy fats, omega-3’s, lutein, and more.

I don’t care if eggs went up to $10.00/dozen… it would still be a bargain!

Why don’t more people just skip the $2.00 sodas that they drink each day and put that $60.00/month towards healthy food instead?

2.  People complain about the price of healthy foods vs just getting fast food… meanwhile they pull up to the fast-food drive-in in their $50,000 car.

Where are the priorities?  Obviously, this person is saying that their car is more important to them than their health.  For some reason, they can’t seem to understand that their car isn’t gonna matter when they die of a heart attack!

Why not drive around a cheaper car and use the extra funds to buy healthier food?

3.  People complain about the cost of healthy foods, so they resort to eating cheap junk food… meanwhile they are spending $200 or more per month on blood pressure drugs, type-2 diabetes drugs, etc.

Yet for some reason, they don’t seem to grasp the concept that eating healthy can fully reverse their high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.  Yes, fully reverse!

Why not put that $200 per month towards eating healthier and working out instead of on drugs that have side effects and are draining their wallet?  Hmmm.

4.  People complain about the cost of healthy foods, yet the horrendous food supply and resulting poor health of the nation causes higher health care costs for everybody.  Where’s the REAL cost?

5.  People complain about the cost of healthy foods, yet these same people seem to be able to afford the fanciest new cell phones, ipods, laptops, big screen TVs, and way too many cable TV stations to ever be able to watch.  I guess their priorities are saying that those electronics and watching 4 hours of TV per day are more important than their health.

6.  People complain about the cost of healthy foods, yet the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other poor farming practices (such as factory farm feedlot wastes) that go into producing unhealthy factory farm junk food end up creating costly environmental cleanups (which can increase your taxes) and deteriorate health.

7.  People will balk at the price of a healthy grass-fed steak or organic produce, but they will spend $100’s per month on cigarettes, and drinking twenty $6 beers out at the bars every weekend.

Btw, if you want to support a farmer that’s doing things correctly, in a healthy sustainable manner, you can get some of the highest quality grass-fed meats, wild fish, and healthy snacks right online here:

8.  And lastly, people tend to generally view food PRICE as the most important aspect in choosing food, as opposed to food QUALITY.  But this makes no sense whatsoever.

I bet anything that many of those same people that choose food based on price (instead of quality) choose their clothes based on quality, their electronics based on quality, their cars based on quality, their homes based on quality, their jewelry based on quality, etc, etc.

Once again…priorities!  Why do so many people value quality on “material” goods, but don’t value quality when choosing food, which is going to determine their health, happiness, how good they look, and how long they live.

It’s absurd if you think about it.

Alright, rant over for today!

If you thought any of these items below were healthy, you’re going to be SHOCKED about what you read inside our Fat Burning Kitchen program:

*Canola Oil, soybean oil, etc
*Whole grain breads or crackers
*Tofu or soymilk
*so-called “energy” drinks
*Protein bars
*Skim milk
*Rice cakes
*Sports drinks
*Low-carb “designer foods”
*Low-fat “designer foods”


You’ll see why inside our FBK program. Grab it today while you can still get the Half price deal in celebration of my 34th Birthday:

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Til next newsletter,
Eat clean and be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder – &


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