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The Experiment: Averages January 25, 2010

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WOW, this is a bit old, but I said I was going to post this, and here it is. This has been floating in my purse for FIVE months. Yike!! So I have taken Sept. & Oct. and averaged my grocery totals. Some totals include toilet paper and toothpaste.

From my 8/30/09 post:

“Grocery Bills:

Sept. 2007 $42/week

Sept. 2008 $55/week

I deduced that the $13 increase/week came from 3 factors:

  1. us having one more (small) mouth to feed-albeit a VERY minimal increase
  2. us desiring to eat healthier and buying more fruits/veggies & more “all natural” items-not all the time, but sometimes, ie. Maple/Agave Syrup instead of the high fructose corn syrup-based Breakfast Syrups
  3. the ripple effect-an increase in the cost of all groceries due to the increase in gas prices-I believe this was the biggest factor

My prediction for Sept. 2009 is that we’ll buy less than $55/week because the price of gas had come down. Of course it’s on the rise again, so we’ll see…”

So the results are in:

week 1 $31.18

week 2 $59.88

week 3 $81.40

week 4 $139.26 ($46.50 in coffee alone-so $92.76 w/o coffee)

week 5 $39.11

week 6 $32.64

week 7 $65.87

week 8 $89.14

Add all 8 weeks up, and it comes to $538.48. Divide by 8 =$67.31/week average. I did the statistician thing to do and threw out the highest ($139.26 ) and lowest ($31.18)weeks, and the average of those 6 weeks was $61.34. I also took the average of the 8 weeks, subtracting the coffee expense of $46.50 in week 4, and that average was $61.50, so I think it’s safe to say that we averaged over $61 last year.

We are spending more because we are buying more fresh produce and trying to eat healthier, so there it is…

I encourage you to record what you are spending on groceries/week. It is really telling. We think one thing, and another may be happening.  Don’t cheat yourself.  This doesn’t help you!!  Where is all of your $ going?  Can you account for it all?  More later…


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