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Turkey Time…the Safeway deal November 15, 2009

Filed under: Weekly Grocery Deals — swingingsarr @ 10:20 pm

One of my C.W. friends (I have a few friends with those initials) says this below…
“I was at Smokey Point Safeway tonight raking advantage of their great deal on Turkey – spend over $25 and buy a turkey 16lbs or more for $.27/lb or less than 16lbs @ $.37 per pound.

The cashier told me they were not enforcing the promotion because they had sooooo many turkeys available! So, we paid $5.67 for a 21lb turkey. That will apparently be the going price for awhile, no promotion to fulfill! Shoot, at that price I think we are Ginger to buy as many as we can store!

He said this means that he didn’t have to buy $25 from Safeway to get the deal.  If you try to do this at a different Safeway, I’d call first.  I will try this at the Smokey Point Safeway tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the tip, CW!!


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