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Weekly Grocery Deals October 14, 2009

Filed under: Weekly Grocery Deals — swingingsarr @ 8:38 pm

Fred Meyer Until-10/17:

  • FM 1/2 gallon milk/OJ .88 w/store coupon limit 6!!!

Bartell’s Until-10/18:

  • Yakama Apple Juice .99 limit 4 (this is the time of year to get the best prices on Apple Juice)
  • Diamond Walnuts $2.99 16 oz. bag limit 2 (save $5-amazing deal!!! We are now using them instead of croutons on our salad to be more healthy)

Safeway until 10/20:

  • apples .58/lb.
  • Banquet Brown ‘N Serve Links or Patties 99¢ ea
  • Betty Crocker Traditional Brownie Mix 79¢
  • Broccoli Crown 79¢ lb

Albertson’s until 10/20:

  • Apples.78/lb.
  • whole chicken .78/lb.
  • Crest $1!! (Amy C. said there’s a .75 coupon from this week’s Sunday newspaper-.25 CREST!!)
  • Prego $1.49
  • Breyer’s Ice Cream $2.99

IGA until 10/20:

  • Variety of apples .49 -.99/lb.
  • pears .79/lb.
  • Tillamook Ice Cream $3.00 w/store coupon
  • Avocado .79
  • whole Draper Valley Farm chicken .79/lb.

2 Responses to “Weekly Grocery Deals”

  1. Amy Says:

    There was a .75 off coupon for Crest in the Sun. paper… making it .25! (ooh, Amy getting all “coupon-y” haha!)

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