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Alb. & Safeway Mix and Match March 25, 2009

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I asked about Alberton’s discontinuing their taking other store coupons when I was there today, and the checker I asked there said she heard rumors of that, too, but that nothing had been said to the staff.  If you think about it, ask there, and hopefully they’ll see that they should keep the program going!!  I am going to keep asking when I am there.

From Nadene R.
I bought some of the mix and match last week and if I understand it correctly you need to buy 10 of the same price range.  So the things I bought were all on sale for $1.25 then they took $5 off to make the final cost 75 cents each.  I don’t believe that you can mix and match the different price ranges, but I could be wrong!  If you hear otherwise, you can let me know!

Weekly Grocery Deal, other Deals, recipe, etc… March 24, 2009

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  • 2 lbs.strawberries, $3.99
  • LOTS and LOTS of mix and match prices in the ad. If anyone does this, would you let us know how it works. To me it looks like for any 10 products you buy, regardless of the price, $5 will be taken off your bill. I could be wrong though…


  • 1 lb. strawberries, $1.49!!!
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef (85%), $1.99 in the Butcher Block
  • Lots of meats for $1.88/lb. including Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast in the Butcher Block (you’ll have to let me know if the other meats are good prices or not, because I don’t know)
  • Kellogg’s Cereal, select varieties, 3/$5. Then get a coupon for a free gallon of milk w/the purchase of 3 boxes.
  • KRAFT Mac and Cheese .49, limit 6 w/store coupon
  • M&M’s Candy 9.9-14 oz. $1.88 w/store coupon
  • Fresh bacon $1.99/lb. w/store coupon in the Butcher Block
  • Shrimp $3.99/lb. sold in 2 lb. bag!!! w/store coupon
  • Freschetta Pizza $3.99 w/store coupon limit 4


  • DiGiorno Pizza $3.99 w/store coupon limit 2, & w/$10 purchase
  • WF 1/2 Gallon milk, .99
  • Hamburger Helper .88 w/store coupon
  • Oranges 4 lb. bag 1st one .99 w/store coupon!!!!!!
  • Hot House Tomatoes .99/lb.
  • broccoli/cauliflower .69/lb.


  • Bar S Jumbo Franks $1/16 oz.
  • Valu Time Milk $1.89/gallon
  • Haggen’s 24 pack of water $2.99
  • TX Ruby Red Grapefruit 3/$1
  • Old Orchard Concentrate Juice $1!!

From via Julie R. Thanks

Classic Tomato Sauce

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Source: Cooking at a Glance – Pasta

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Active Time: 10 Minutes
Total Time: 35 Minutes
Yield: Makes about 4 cups (Serves 32)
If you like your tomato sauce chunky, skip the blending or processing step and serve it hot from the pan. If you like, add meatballs to the sauce.

4 pounds ripe plum tomatoes or three 14-1/2-ounce cans whole Italian-style tomatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil or cooking oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/3 cup snipped fresh basil, oregano, or parsley
Other necessary recipes:
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Rec Image

Peel, seed, and finely chop the fresh plum tomatoes, if using. In a large saucepan or Dutch oven, heat olive oil or cooking oil over medium heat. Add fresh or undrained canned tomatoes, garlic, salt (omit if using canned tomatoes), sugar, and pepper. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, for about 20 minutes, or to desired consistency. Place about half of the sauce in a food processor bowl or blender container; process or blend till smooth. Return blended tomato mixture to saucepan. Stir in basil, oregano, or parsley. Cook for 5 minutes more.
Serving Size = 2 tablespoons
Recipe reprinted by permission of Weldon Owen. All rights reserved.
Date Added: 01/01/2008
Nutrition Facts per Serving
Yield: Makes about 4 cups (Serves 32)
Calories: 20
Sodium: 41mg
Fiber: 1g
Carbohydrates, Total: 3g
Protein: 1g
% Cal. from Fat: 45%
Fat. Total: 1g

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Fred M. Weekly Deals, Kmart Double Coupons 3/22-3/28 March 22, 2009

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Kmart this week (3/22-3/28) is taking your manufacturer’s coupons and doubling them up to $2.

Rite Aid: They have lots of buy one get one free items. Check out their ad for more info.

Fred Meyer:

  • Braeburn Apples .79/lb.
  • Oranges 3/$1!!!!!
  • Hunt’s Tomato Sauce .79 w/store coupon limit 10
  • Whole Chicken .79/lb.

Thriftway Double Coupons, Freebies March 20, 2009

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Allen Creek Thriftway: is doubling manufacturer coupons for the month of March. ($1 max).

Sunnyside Nursery: Saturday only, 3/21: 11am-3pm. Free Hotdog lunch. Tiny starter blueberry bushes free to the first 200 people. Thanks Nadene R. for the tips!!

Hometown Values: Their flyer just came in the mail yesterday, and there are some great coupons. A few highlights:

Vinaccio’s Coffee: You can buy a 100.00 gift card for 50.00 w/a Hometown Values Coupon!  P.S.  My sis and bro-in-law just went and said you can only get the deal on Mondays, which we all thought was odd because it doesn’t state that in the coupon.

Bajio: They just opened by the Marysville Target/Costco area, and there is a Hometown Values Coupon for a free burrito or small salad.


Super H.D. Deal March 19, 2009

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Home Depot has their 4″ bedding plants for .33 each.  Limit 60 (sixty).  I bought some petunias today with no blooms yet.  We’ll see how they do…


Weekly Grocery Deals 3/18-3/24, and some Info March 17, 2009

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  • Foster Farm Fresh Whole Chicken .79/lb.
  • Cantaloupe .48/lb.
  • Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese $4.99 for the 2 lb.!
  • LOTS of mix and match prices in the ad!


  • 4 coupons to double manufacturer’s coupons
  • Al. Cheese $3.99 for the 2 lb.!!!!  Looks like the price of cheese is going down again!
  • Breyers Ice Cream $2.50

3 day sale Friday 3/20-Sun. 3/22

  • 1 lb. strawberries $2
  • Cantaloupe .49/lb.
  • Roma Tomatoes .99/lb.
  • Northwest Fuji Apples $2.99/5 lb. bag (.60/lb.)
  • Asparagus $1.49/lb.

Info from Renae James about Albertson’s: “I have some disappointing news in reference to Albertson’s. I was told by a manager tonight that starting April 1st they will no longer be accepting competitors coupons. A bummer indeed!” I am very sad about this because it’s such a time saver!


    • Tillamook Yogurt 3/$1 w/store coupon and $10 minimum store purchase
    • 4 lb. Sugar .99 w/store coupon and $10 minimum store purchase
    • Country Grain Bread .99 w/store coupon
    • Oranges .79/lb.

    2 day sale Friday 3/20-Sat. 3/21

    • WF 24 pack of water $2.99
    • WF Paper Towels 6 Rolls, $2.99
    • WF Butter 3/$5
    • 81% Lean Ground Beef $1.69/lb.


      • Cantaloupe .49/lb.
      • Tillamook Yogurt .50
      • Valu Time Milk $1.89/gallon
      • JSarr says $2.99 is a good price for Angus Beef Boneless Petite Sirloin Steak

      Campbell’s Soup is giving away free packets of tomato seeds.  You do need to have a code from the bottom of a campbell soup can.  The web address is and then you click on the right side of the screen where is says “get yours now”.  Thanks Nadene R.


      FM Deals 3/15-21, Al. Double Coupons, and More March 16, 2009

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      Fred Meyer:

      • 1/2 gallon milk/OJ .99 w/store coupon
      • 2 lb. bag of mini carrots $1.68!!!
      • 64 oz. Tree Top Juice/Blends 3/$5 w/store coupon
      • Grapes .98 lb.
      • B.O.G.O. Free 18 count eggs w/store coupon
      • FM Deli Meat $2.50 w/store coupon
      • Ricola $1

      Albertson’s: Yesterday in Sunday’s Everett Herald A9, were 3 coupons to double manufacturer’s coupons good until Tues. 3/17!!!


      • 1 lb. Diamond Walnuts. $2.99!!!!! Limit 4

      IKEA: Free Breakfast Friday, March. 20-Sunday, March 22 from 9-10am. Limit one per customer. Offer valid for one small breakfast and one cup of coffee.