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Deals of the Week 12/17/08-12/23/08 December 20, 2008

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Has anyone gone out of their house yet with all of this snow? We (me and the girls) hadn’t left until Friday afternoon, and I couldn’t wait to go. Since I figured most weren’t leaving their houses, and I’ve been tired at times with this pregnancy, I’ve been lax in posting, and for this I apologize.

The Everett Herald hasn’t been delivering up my hill since Tuesday, so I am REALLY missing the newspaper. Skimming the on-line paper just isn’t the same. I want something in my hands.

As the holiday approaches, and the price of gas goes down, the price of groceries is coming down, so stock and save this week if you are brave enough, or if you can get someone to take you. I’m posting some of the same items that are at different stores but different prices because you may find yourself in one part of town and not another, and may be it’s just not worth is to go one place to buy one thing to save .20 and brave the snow.


  • oranges 38/lb.
  • Al. butter/heavy whipping cream $1.79
  • 2 lb Tillamook cheese $5.99
  • Al. frozen veggies 16 oz. .89
  • graham cracker ready made crusts $1
  • Nestle Toll House Morsels $1.69
  • select Kellogg’s cereal $1.67


  • Bone-In Hame 5-7 lb. portions, .98/lb
  • Darigold Butter 2/$4
  • Dryer’s Ice Cream 2/$6

Haggen’s: I am very impressed this week!

  • Valu Time Milk-$1.99/gal.
  • Haggen’s Butter $1.77
  • Oranges .49/lb.
  • Tillamook Ice Cream 2/$5
  • 2 lbs. Haggen’s Med. Cheddar Cheese $4.99
  • Broccoli/Cauliflower $1/lb.
  • Green pepper/Cucumber .79
  • Apples/pears $1/lb

WinCo-Since they don’t advertise, and who knows how long their things stay on sale, this is what Jsarr bought yesterday

  • oranges .38/lb.
  • Christmas apples (he said they taste GREAT) .56/lb


  • Martinelli’s $1.79
  • Safeway Sugar 5 lb. $1.79
  • Lucerne milk 2/$4.78

Freebie: This Year Oprah didn’t do a whole “Favorite Things” show where she historically gives away many items, and some that are very expensive. She didn’t think that was appropriate this year. Instead she showed some gifts you can make more inexpensively and showed different recipes, etc…But she did offer a free gift to all…the gift of music, a CD of music that you can down load off her web-site along with a CD Cover and CD label you can download. There are 8 songs from some of my FAVORITE artists including Harry Connick Jr., Tony Bennett, and Josh Groban. I don’t know when this show first aired, but it aired again yesterday, and you have at least until today, Saturday 12/20/08 at 4pm to download this music. I did it last night, and the music is great, and it was very easy to do. Go to:

If you didn’t do it in time and are interested in the CD, give me a blank, and I can burn it for you.


Fred Meyer Deals & More… December 15, 2008

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Hello all,

Fred Meyer Deals for the week 12/14-12/20
  • Oranges .48/lb!!!!!
  • FM canned veggies 3/$1 with store coupon
  • FM sour cream 16oz. .99
  • Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom/chicken soup-3/$2 with store coupon
  • Breyer’s Ice Cream 2/$5 with store coupon
  • FM 1lb. butter 3/$5
Safeway had a Sunday flyer in the newspaper: Deals for the week 12/14-12/20
  • whole gold pineapple $2.99 each
  • Butcher’s Cut Shank Half or Whole Ham .99/lb.
  • Butcher’s cute spiral sliced Half or Whole Ham $1.69/lb.
  • Kedem Sparkling Juice $1.99 plus get $1.50 mail-in-rebate=.49+cost of postage=.90-this offer effective 12/1/08-1/4/09

My friend Nadene, a coupon friend, who is a great price watcher, did some research last week, so here is some info to take with you if you are shopping for baking goods, etc…from her

The prices I wrote down from Costco are as follows:
  • C&H white sugar was 4.99 for 10lbs.
  • C&H Brown and powdered was 2.79 for 4lbs.
  • All purpose flour was 7.69 for 25 lbs (nothing smaller!)
  • eggs for the 5 dozen worked out to 1.55/doz.
  • butter worked out to 1.55/pound
  • bacon worked out to 2.12/pound.
I do know that butter has gone up as high as 1.99 and down to 1.55 since Thanksgiving, but the other prices seemed to stay about the same. Oh yeah, milk was around 2.20/gallon. Anyway, that’s my list of prices!-Thanks Nadene for the research!
My beloved AZ friend and matron of honor, Heidi (who just visited me Thurs:), has saved me thousands of dollars over the years with her tips (the biggest tip being to add more principal to the mortgage every month). Her family told me about the Appliance Recycle place in Snohomish. I can be a great place to get a used/refurbished appliance for great prices. We have gotten 2 dryers there (in 9 years), a freezer and a refrigerator. The freezer and fridge were actually brand new but had some dents or scratches, so we got them for a FRACTION of the price of a new one. Gale Light also endorsed this place at our Savvy Shoppers night at church.
I can’t get that font bigger. I am sorry.
In my post titled Miserly Moms from 12/3, I posted this info from the book below:
  • A restaurant meal costs 6-10 times more than 1 made from scratch.
  • A frozen meal costs 4 times more than 1 made from scratch.
  • A prepackaged mix costs 3 times more than 1 made from scratch.
  • Precut foods (ready salads, sliced carrots, shredded cheese) cost 2 times more than if you cut them yourself.
I totally believe that this is where it’s easiest to cut a budget. The less you eat out or have convenience foods, the more $ you’ll save. Not that eating out is bad. We definitely enjoy it, and as I am in my first trimester, we tend to eat out much more as a family, or I’ll use boxed meals (mac and cheese or something like that). But overall, in our marriage we are eating out less and saving more money because of it. On Oprah (I don’t remember how long ago, and I definitely don’t endorse much of what she represents, but there can be informative shows, and I love Dr. Oz-most of the time), she had some families on doing a debt diet. Some families were eating out in one year’s time the equivalent of someone’s salary, around $35,000-that’s most breakfasts, lunches and dinners…crazy!!!
For me who wasn’t taught how to cook meals growing up, I had to teach myself a lot when I lived on my own in college and then after getting married. In college I called my friend’s mom to ask her how to heat up a can of corn. I had A LOT to learn. I started with a lot of Top Ramen, fish sticks, and Fresh Express Salad. I’d make the occasional spaghetti and then onto colorful spiral noodles with Italian dressing. Then I started using Hamburger helper and adding some extra noodles to make it stretch further. All this to say, this has been a gradual process for me, making food from scratch, learning how to make my own lasagna and pesto, etc…So don’t get discouraged if you are making lots out of boxes or frozen dinners. Try to ease into making your own meals-try a new recipe once every other week or so. Now when I am in the mood for something, I’ll “google” it. I wanted Chicken Enchiladas last week, so I “googled” it and usually or come up first. Later I’ll post a pesto recipe I love. It’s so easy, and seems so gourmet!
In the newspaper on Saturday there was an interesting article about gift cards. If you have some that you won’t use or want to get rid of you can go to It’s “a web-site that lets people sell their unused or unwanted gift cards for a percentage, usually 60-80%”. The great thing is that they “will reimburse the full value if a retailer is no longer honoring the gift cards because of bankruptcy.”

Deals of the Week 12/10/08-12/16/08 December 11, 2008

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  • Fuji, Gala, Cameo Apples .68/lb
  • Alb. Croutons or olives $1
  • Albs Graham Cracker Pie Shell, Coconut or Betty Crocker Brownie Pouch, $1 Each
  • Baking Soda or salt 20/$1
  • Colgate Toothpaste with Store coup. .88


  • Red or Green Leaf Lettuce .98
  • Fri. and Sat. only-WF 2 lb. Med. Cheddar Cheese $4.99
  • Fri. and Sat. only-dozen eggs $.99
  • Fri. and Sat. only-Oranges .77/ lb


  • oranges .98/lb.
  • Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese selected varieties$5.99/lb. (I like to buy the moz. cheese shredded and freeze it, so when I need it for pizza or lasagna, it’s ready)
  • Safeway Apple Juice 64 oz. 2 for $3
  • Fresh Express Salas 9-12 oz. $1

Fred Meyer Deals of the Week 12/7/08-12/13/08 December 8, 2008

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Fred Meyer has some really great deals.  When I went this evening, they still had lots of ads in the front of the store:

  • w/store coupon 1/2 gallon of FM milk or FM OJ $1 each
  • w/store coupon FM ice cream $1 each
  • Celestial Seasoning 20 count natural tea $1 (Sunday’s paper had a coupon for .55 off, so I got one for .45).
  • I think Halls cough drops were $1/bag
  • Braeburn apples .68/lb or so

Totally off the subject, today I had to get blood drawn because of being pregnant.  When I took off the band-aid, I couldn’t remember the word for band-aid.  It hurt, and I said, “ow”, and JSarr asked what hurt, and I told him that I took off my “blood holder” because I couldn’t think of the word band-aid…


Butter December 5, 2008

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Fred Meyer has a spread in the Everett Herald on A5 with a FM butter store coupon 3/$5 12/5-12/7.


Fri./Sat. Kids Sale December 4, 2008

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This tip comes from Leila B.:

There is a sale in Everett on Friday and Saturday at Other Mother’s in Silverlake (  Their clothes and toys are on sale for 25 cents each.  Sounds like an awesome bargain…


Deals of the Week 12/3/08-12/9/08 December 3, 2008

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  • Broccoli/Cauliflower/Roma (I think) tomatoes .88/lb.
  • with store coupon Gallon of milk 2/$4


  • Super coupon-two-4 lb. bags of oranges $1.88
  • Super coupon-4/$6 Plain Cheerios 14 oz./Granola bar


  • 12-16oz. bags of Al. pasta .50/each!!!!
  • Hunt’s tomato sauce limit 2 with store coupon .69
  • 100 oz. of Tide w/store coupon $9.99 (There was $1 off manu. coupon in the paper this week

Haggen’s: Bagged Spinach .99