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Subscribing to the Herald TODAY November 28, 2008

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Today only the Everett Herald Advertised a one day new subscribers special, 75% SALE: $9.94 for 3 months.  Call 425-339-3200 until 5pm…

Black Friday @ Walmart @ 5am @ the MSVL store was a NIGHTMARE…@ least in the Electronics Dept…wall to wall people.  After I wrote the post last night I thought there are a few warnings I should give you if this is your first time going out for Black Friday, but this will be for next year now.

  • If you can avoid it at all, don’t get a shopping cart.  You will be able to maneuver through the store MUCH better.
  • In a big store try going through a non-traditional line like electronics or jewelry.
  • Plot out a strategic course if you have many places to go.   Determine the most important thing for you to buy, and go for it.
  • Bring snacks for yourself.
  • The biggest thing is to come with much PATIENCE.

Gift Cards: Michelle Singletary had an article in the Thanksgiving Day Edition of the Herald about buying things at struggling retailers.  According to Singletary, “by the end of the year, an estimated 6,500 retail stores nationwide will be closed”.  When you get a gift card from a store that may be going into bankruptcy you may not be able to cash it in.  If it was purchased with a credit card, you’ll have a better chance of redemption.  The biggest thing is to try to use it right away.


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