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Subscribing to the Herald TODAY November 28, 2008

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Today only the Everett Herald Advertised a one day new subscribers special, 75% SALE: $9.94 for 3 months.  Call 425-339-3200 until 5pm…

Black Friday @ Walmart @ 5am @ the MSVL store was a NIGHTMARE…@ least in the Electronics Dept…wall to wall people.  After I wrote the post last night I thought there are a few warnings I should give you if this is your first time going out for Black Friday, but this will be for next year now.

  • If you can avoid it at all, don’t get a shopping cart.  You will be able to maneuver through the store MUCH better.
  • In a big store try going through a non-traditional line like electronics or jewelry.
  • Plot out a strategic course if you have many places to go.   Determine the most important thing for you to buy, and go for it.
  • Bring snacks for yourself.
  • The biggest thing is to come with much PATIENCE.

Gift Cards: Michelle Singletary had an article in the Thanksgiving Day Edition of the Herald about buying things at struggling retailers.  According to Singletary, “by the end of the year, an estimated 6,500 retail stores nationwide will be closed”.  When you get a gift card from a store that may be going into bankruptcy you may not be able to cash it in.  If it was purchased with a credit card, you’ll have a better chance of redemption.  The biggest thing is to try to use it right away.


Black Friday November 27, 2008

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Hello All,

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, as there is much for which to be thankful.

Well, Black Friday is often the day to get the best prices on electronics (cameras, DVD/Blueray players), luggage, toys, socks and much more. If you are looking for any of these things, get a newspaper. There are too many good prices to write them all, but I will highlight what I intent to look at:

Walmart-5am-11am $2 DVDs (my favorite movie included-Spiderman 2)

Fred Meyer-5am-11am 1/2 priced socks

Guess we don’t need a whole lot…

Holiday Grocery Bargains: This is the time of the year to buy baking goods for the year. WinCo did have their brown sugar for close to $1 for 2 lbs. I haven’t seen FMeyer prices but often they have great flour prices this time of year. This is also a time to stock up on butter, when you see it under $2. During the summer holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) are the best times to stock up on soda, meats good for BBQing, hot dogs, chips, etc…

Fred Meyer-I am sure there are many other good grocery deals at Fred Meyer, but the best one I saw (and the only one I can remember off the top of my head) is 2 lb. Tilamook Medium Cheddar Cheese for $4.99-limit 2. There was also a coupon in the Sunday newspaper for $1 off the cheese, so I got one for $3.99 and another for $4.99.

I do have to apologize for taking some time off, but Jonathan took me on an unplanned trip to Maui. We saved up several years ago, and put the $ in a CD waiting for just the right time. The time was right before Thanksgiving, as rates were $320 RT/person. I think the “bad” economy has contributed to these amazing prices. I may do a blog later about Maui on a dime or something like that. We’ll see.


Macy’s November 13, 2008

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  • Today in the Everett Herald  on page A4 there’s a coupon for an additional 20% sale and clearance merchandise for her and him and kids-most apparel (I guess this is another reason to get the daily paper:).
  • Take an extra $5 and $10 off of clearance.  Orig. $19.50-$90 is now 4.99, etc…

Sales of the week 11/12/08 November 12, 2008

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Here are some sales for 11/12-11/18. If the dates are different, I will add that.


  • They started a 75% original prices clearance sale. It goes until the merchandise is gone. I haven’t gone this time, but it times past it has been very good, getting JSarr some nice dress shirts for $5.97.

Fred Meyer: As I talked about yesterday, in the Ev. Herald today (Wed. 11/12) in the Good Life Section there was a 1 pg. spread and a coupon for a free turkey if you spend $150 (they’ve upped the price from $100 I guess:(

  • Broccoli/Cauliflower .68/lb.
  • Grapefruit 3/$1 (Ellie’s FAV)
  • Canned beans (like kidney) & canned tomatoes w/store coupon 5/$2
  • 2 lb. Med. Cheddar Cheese $4.50 or so (I used the coupon so I don’t remember the exact price)
  • Moutain Dairy Milk 2 gal./$5
  • FM 6-8oz. yogurt .50
  • Colgate toothpaste/toothbrushes $1. We bought 1 toothpaste and put it in what we call our “Extras Box”. It’s a box of toiletries that were purchased for a great price, but we don’t need yet. When we have the need, then we go shopping in our “Extras Box”. We try to never buy when we actually need it, because you can’t guarantee a great sale.
  • Ricola for $1. We had a coupon, buy 2 get a $1 off, so we paid $1 for 2 bags of Ricola.
  • Suave Shampoo/conditioner $.79. I haven’t bought Suave for a few years. I tend to like “Herbal Essence” or something more along those lines, but I had a coupon for buy 2 and get $1.50 off, so for $.18 I got a 15 oz. shampoo and a 15 oz. conditioner.

This reminds me to say, just because I have a coupon for things doesn’t mean I have to buy it. I cut many coupons out each week that I just end up recycling. I cut them out if I think there is a chance I might use them. That’s what happened today when I looked to see if I had the Suave and Ricola coupons.

Shopping Philosophy: So our shopping philosophy is to buy things only if they are on sale (if we have a coupon, even better) and we know we’ll use them, unless they are perishables. This is LONG TERM thinking. We try to always think ahead so we aren’t stuck buying items for full price. Our pantry and freezer are stocked with items that we constantly use.

Coupon Organizing: I have a coupon holder with several sections. I have sections like beverages, cleaning supplies, dairy, snacks, toiletries, etc… In each section I have them organized by date. The ones that expire the fastest are at the front of that section. Every week when I cut new coupons out, I pull out the ones that have expired first and then file the news according to their date. This way I can easily find the expired coupons and not have to carry lots of extras.


  • Turkey $.27 or $.39 with $25 purchase. This is where we’ll get our turkey.
  • 1 lb. baby carrots $1
  • EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Lucerne 2 Gal. of Milk/$4.98


  • Seedless Red Grapes are $.98/lb
  • Alb. Graham Cracker Crust $1
  • Alb. Coconut $1
  • Betty Crocker Brownie mix $1
  • Buy a Sara Lee Pie @ $6.39 and get 3 items free-another S. L. pie and 2 1.5 qy. of Breyer’s Ice Cream (our Fav)


  • There Chex cereal is 3/$5. Bekah found an on-line coupon for $1 off 2.
  • Oranges .79/lb.
  • Apples 5lbs./$5


  • WF 2 Gal. Milk/$5
  • Jonagold Apples $.88/lb.
  • Tillamook Yogurt 10/$5


  • L’Oréal Shampoo/Conditioner-Buy 1 Get 1 Free (4.99 total). We have a $1 off coupon, so they’d each be $2
  • Magic Gloves $.99

Home Depot:

  • 24 pack of bottled H2O-$2.97


The Importance of the Newspaper November 11, 2008

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Hello all. Happy Veterans Day.

For the purpose of trying to find the BEST deals, I believe it is important to subscribe to the daily newspaper. I skim the newspaper everyday because this is where I like to get my news and get my Sudoku, but stores will sometimes advertise things they don’t even advertise in their fliers. For instance, in this Sunday’s newspaper Albertons had one page in the A Section advertising a 3 day sale (which ends today), and it included a coupon for their 4 lb. sugar for $.99 limit 2, no coupon needed-Top Ramen 12/$1, no coupon needed-Nestles Fun Size bars 3 bags/$5. A lot of times Fred Meyer will do a page in the paper on a Wed. or Thurs. saying their clearance is an ADDITIONAL 50% or something like that. I think that is true right now and ends today.

We just renewed our yearly subscription to the Everett Herald at the end of Oct. They wanted us to buy it for $121. I called them, and asked the Herald if they had a special going on, and they said they could give me the year for $101.40. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Last year they wanted almost $150, and I called and got it for like $110 or so. 425-339-3200.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the daily newspaper, at least consider getting the Sunday newspaper for the majority of coupons and ads for the week.


Movies November 8, 2008

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As I talked about in the last blog, besides going to the Pawn Exchange, there are a few different ways to save on movies:

  • I haven’t done Redbox yet, but they have them now at Albertsons and Walmart.  Rent for a dollar a day.  If you get on their e-mail list or text messages, they’ll often have specials where you can get them for free.
  • Have you tried the Sno-Isle Library System?  They have a place on their home page to look for “Books, Movies and Music”.  You can type in the movie you are looking for.  They don’t have everything, but you can at least check it out.  They also have a place for “Recently Added Items”.  This morning they posed “Iron Man” and the new “Indian Jones” movie.   Some times you have a to be patient, because it might take a couple of weeks or months to get something.
  • If you are a local friend of ours, you can borrow some movies from us.  We don’t have a lot of new movies, but we like to share and help people save $, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

11/07/08 Deals

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TGIF-Thank God it’s Friday!

Thanks to SKH, I am actually making a “POST”. Lord willing I will be putting these out more regularly on Wednesdays instead of Friday nights. Here are a few good deals I’ve stumbled upon.


  • Until Tues. Seedless Red/Black Grapes are $1/lb again along with Pears.
  • Broccoli is $.99/lb.
  • Whole Chickens are .79/lb.
  • Sat./Sunday only-Safeway Select Ice Cream is $2.49 & Quaker Instant Oatmeal is $1.57


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are on sale now until Tues. for $1.67. They advertise that this is their lowest price of the year.
  • They are also advertising that $4.97/lb. for Beef Loin New York Steaks is their lowest price of the year

Haggen’s: Yes, Haggen will have some good deals, once in a while, but not very often for the things I get. It is a really nice store, though!

  • They have a ONE day coupon for tomorrow 11/8/08 for Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider 4/$5!! I am taking mine to Alberton’s and getting the chicken with it:)

Cashing in Store Coupons at Albertsons: This reminds me. Fred Meyer had those really good coupons this week. Bekah told me they were out of milk by the time she got their the 2nd night of the sale. If you want to avoid this you could just take those coupons to Al. because they don’t have tons of people clamoring for these items, and you’ll get the selection you want. Albertsons will take even store brand coupons, for instance, they could substitute their Alb. brand milk for the Fred Meyer brand of milk. And this reminds me of another thing: if the store with the sale is out of the product, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’ll substitute an item. Nadene told me they gave her the Darigold (I think that was the brand) milk at Fred Meyer when she went this week. I’ll do this so I can get the item right away and not have to wait until I come back. I still have a raincheck from Haggen’s for .59/lb whole chickens I haven’t cashed in from JUNE.

Thriftway: They are having a produce sale-5 for $5. All of the following fit in this category:

  • Fuji Apples-5 lbs. for $5
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers 5 for $5
  • Bartlett Pears 5 lbs. for $5
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes 5 lbs. for $5
  • Romaine Lettuce 5 for $5

Bath and Body Works: I have at least 3 coupons from B & B that say “Buy $30, save $10” Let me know if you want one. I’ve already gone there, so I don’t anticipate buying any more there until after Christmas.

DVDs: I was planning on posting this, and to add to what Becky Huning said about DVDs: Stop by the Pawn Exchange on State Avenue some time. You might be surprised about what you find. It is hit and miss, but they sell their DVDs between $1.99-$2.99. If you buy 4 of the $2.99 ones (the newer releases), you can get 4/$10.

Hope you have a great weekend. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make this more user friendly!